About Us

About Us

Melbourne Mattress Recycling has been providing a mattress removal service since 2009.
We attend residential premises and commercial premises, collect unwanted mattresses that would otherwise be sent to landfill and take them back to our recycling facility in Dandenong.

Once there, the mattresses are stripped and recycled to the fullest extent possible. We recycle steel, foam, latex, poly-urethane, coconut fibre and timber from bed bases where possible.
The mattress materials left to waste are reduced to 0.05m3 from an average of 1.3m3 for a queen mattress (approximately 3%).

You may have seen our cards at prominent bedding retailers such as Forty Winks, Snooze, Bed Shed, Harvey Norman, Beds for Backs, Rise and Shine, Sleep King, Sleep Doctor, Regal, Bev Marks, Beds n Dreams, and many others.
If you are a retailer (even a small independent) please contact us for all of your collection needs.

We pride ourselves on fulfillment of our promise to recycle to a greater extent than any of our competitors to date.

So whether you are searching for a mattress removal service, mattress collection service, mattress recycling service or a mattress disposal service in Melbourne, we fit the bill.

Want to know more about getting rid of your old mattress?
Call us on 0477 507 968.

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About Us